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For Giving Tuesday, we invite you to support Auphir Education, School of Living's newest fiscally sponsored project! You can read the letter below to learn about the amazing work that they are doing to create a farmstead on SOL land that is a sanctuary and teaching farm offering BIWOC (Black, Indigenous and Women of Color) centered re-programming.

This campaign will run from today through the end of 2022. Here is how you can help:

Thanks for your support!


Day clean,

Thank you for your support of the stellar roots cooperative!

In 2019, we partnered with School of Living (SOL) as the first LGBQ† Black Woman Youth-led land project in the School of Living Community Land Trust. Our agreement is to steward 69+ acres of historically BlPOC-held Appalachian land, provide refuge for all kinds of life, and help to heal the land for continuing generations.

Answering a cry for reparations via ecological reconciliation, stellar roots cooperative created Auphir Education (fiscally sponsored by SOL), an initiative that aims to share our communities ancestral wellness practices by remembering, creating and celebrating our histories, culture, and arts.

Your contributions will serve to expand our capacity, encourage BIWOC centered re-programming, and help us to engage our member base in safe ecological spaces where we can heal our nature together.

Communities that are marginalized at intersections face a deficit of core investment in their creative and wellness fields. Your support is critical to shining a bright light on healing artists of color and ensuring that our work is seen, felt, and amplified.

Our vision is to position our farmstead as a sanctuary and teaching farm, using both traditional and innovative techniques.

We are a refuge center for those misused by deeply biased institutions. Our work provides sanctum for Black, Brown, and Indigenous women to be nourished by inner rest and reconnection to the ancient technology of their lineages.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of any size to the

School of Living- Auphir Education project

to help us further our critical work.

Our intentional community members work together to protect and preserve the land we steward. These collaborative efforts show all of us that rich and diverse narratives connect us as one ecosystem and are critical to building strong communities.

To date, we have been able to provide our member-artists with:

  • Temporary housing and opportunities for placement in other communities

  • Land stewardship education

  • Resources for their personal/business development

  • Supported relationships with the land

Member-artists support the cooperative in-kind with land maintenance, as we all continue to shape unique intimacies with ourselves and the natural world.

We have also made considerable strides to stewarding the land/farmhouse, including:

  • Adding a roof to farmhouse

  • Mold Remediation

  • Clearing out house of large and small debris

  • Updating piping

  • Full Renovation bathroom and bringing it up to code .

  • Clearing roadways and sides of new growth.. and remounding and graveling them

  • Soil Remediation

  • Creek Clearing

  • Pasture upkeep

  • Fence renovations

  • Demolishing old structures

  • Rehabilitating dilapidated structures

  • Hosting virtual wellness workshops with the intention of in-persons opportunities


It is paramount that we

  • Assess the amount of core investments needed to become self-sustaining

  • establish administrative and planning protocols

  • Create a land manual (harvesting knowledge from neighbors and our experience)*

  • expand (sustainable) supplementary housing on the land for the growing (physical) member base that supports the land based project. (3 one person living units by 2024)

  • Make pathways to generate our own supply of energy (electricity) and income from the land.

Tangibles (annually):

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