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Food Systems Prize

Hi SOL, I've been web browsing around various thing this morning and came across this web site.

It details a source of funding.  Unfortunately we're too late now to submit for this year.  I'm not sure if we even have a potential proposal to offer?
If this comes around again next year, is this something in line with what SOL is trying to accomplish?  How do we develop specific visions of projects that might support an opportunity such as this?
Best to all, stay warm,
Will Pierson
410 590 2146

Again, I'd say we'd have to have our communities and their partnerships full on-board to approach anything like this. Could we collectively turn our attention and efforts toward changing the food system? Bill Sharp put forward an idea about "Ten Percent Local Food" at an SOL meeting.  This still interests me as a collaborative SOL work that suits our decentralized model. We did not follow through. If we could, I'm not sure that the project is at a scale that makes sense for this grant. If we couldn't, Could we, realistically, expect to be able to work together towards a larger scale vision?

I've been looking at some of the submissions and would love to come up with something by the next deadline. A "stacking functions" approach with a focus on land conservation activities, agricultural materials and food production could be combined to demonstrate a working model of a homestead or community putting practices in place to produce a surplus of goods and form one or more thriving cottage industries. Add a curriculum around the whole approach and I think we'd have something right up SOL's alley so to speak.

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