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Making the most of our food sources

Share recipes, tips & tricks. We are all in this together..

My parents use to talk about the ways their parents survived THE depression. so I grew up this way. Others didn’t so passing info on is essential - Letting nothing go to waste !

This site has general ideas to stretch recipes & resources.



”.. depression era recipes “

looking for one in particular- a great soup mom made from potato peels

(here is one .. )

& other items most of us toss into trash or compost.

Anyone have another one ?


135 recipes using food ‘scraps’

NOT FOR EVERYONE. however, My family ate (a little bit of) squirrel, rabbit, wild turkey, deer, etc. .Was ‘normal’ for my grandparents, both sides, and cousins.




Foraging for Wild Edibles and Herbs: Sustainable and Safe Gathering Practices


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