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Mushroom growing workshop

Preparing for our mushroom growing workshop and trying to identify the best location for our mushroom logs. We have a bermed half arch,  around 25' x 6', left from previous construction on the land. You can stand upright in it. The opening is to the south. I was thinking that this could be a place for mushroom logs. No direct sun. Not likely that deer would come in here; chickens and ducks maybe. It would be easy to block the opening. There is easy access to water. My concern is air circulation. It has no venting or chimney, just the front opening. What do you think? Here is a link to pics.

Wow, that might be a great solution. I wouldn't worry too much about ventilation as long as the drainage is sufficient and that opening stays open (for ventilation). Wouldn't want water draining too slow or standing/puddling. A fan for air circulation would probably be a good idea as long as the logs would have a pretty continuous drip or watering application of some sort. I'd think about painting/sealing the walls somehow to prevent them from absorbing excess moisture and acting as a breeding ground for competing organisms.


Hanging drip or mist/fog/spray irrigation would work. Think we could set that up in there?

We actually have a couple sets of misters from trying to cool things off during last July's event. Great idea! We could, totally, set those up. I wouldn't expect puddling. I will work on clearing out and consider sealing. There is a crack that gets damp on the ceiling but does not drip. That might be a problem with regard to sealing the walls. We intend to pull the earth away so we can repair that crack from the top but that won't get done before mushrooms.

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