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I read this post from Laird Schaub's blog recently. It popped into my head when you mentioned "respect" yesterday in our conversation. You (and others) might find it interesting. Here's the link.

Thank you, will look at it now.

Upon diving into the articles of inc. and by-laws, SOL does bear a responsibility to provide mediation. Please see; Article XIII: Standing Committees, paragraph F. Land Committee, provision #7, this is on pg. 10 of the Articles of Inc. PDF.

F. The Land Committee shall have the following purposes and functions:......7) act as a mediator upon request in efforts to reconcile disputes and grievances of any persons living on or using School land:

I don't see any guidelines about the process though. The board should be able to determine how to satisfy a mediation request in a timely and effective manner. Establishing a "reference" for this will be a great start, but we really need to think ahead about how to deal with these issues.


Wonderful, Seth! ( ) I expect that this should be brought forward to the land committee with full collaborative support from SOL. Mediation requires a particular set of skills. Can the land committee "act" as a mediator in a skillful way and in a consistent manner? If not, what other options? We will all need to work together on this to make mediation available when it is requested.

Just thinking that since we've discussed this with land committee members and they don't seem to be aware of it, I'd like to be proactive in figuring out a process that wouldn't burden land committee members as being solely responsible. SOL doesn't have a "reserve" set aside for mediation expenses as of now nor the process to handle a request and we should be able to figure this out as a team. Maybe the call with the Conflict Resolution Center can serve as an initial exploration for what SOL could offer as an organization and what the initial process on our end would look like after a request from a community.

This is a document I've started as a reference for mediation services,

Maybe these links could be placed on a reference page on the website as we had brainstormed?

OK got the resource library started under the SKILLSHARE tab. Additions and feedback are welcomed!

Looks great! This should be  great tool for future collaborations in SOL.

Should we add the workshops or grants documents to this??





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