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Solar thermal

Solar thermal offers an amazing opportunity to provide heat for homes, greenhouses or more as a long lasting, efficient and cost-effective solution. 70% of our energy needs are for heating and if we can capture and store energy directly as heat, the cost of use and of ownership becomes greatly reduced. After several prototypes I've developed a cost effective and highly efficient design that can be made with readily available materials with most components lasting 30-40 years or more and contribute to an overall system efficiency of approximately 40-50% as opposed to photovoltaic which is around 3-5% efficiency "at the plug" at best. I've designed and built 3 of these systems, one for a private farmer and two for a university, specifically to heat greenhouses and the results have been very promising.

The systems are built around three major components; 1) solar collectors, 2) heat storage & 3) heaters. The collectors absorb heat from the sun's rays and transfer it to a highly insulated cistern which acts as a heat battery or thermal storage to save that heat till needed at which point it is released on demand through fin heaters or hydronic heating fans or through an exchange to heat water directly for showers, laundry or to direct radiant heating systems usually installed in floors.

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