Will Pierson
Will serves on the Board and as President.

John Mangan

Kara Tennyson
Kara serves on the Board.

Seth Wheeler
Seth serves on the Board. Seth has been teaching children how to farm since he built his first school garden at his daughter’s elementary school in 2008. He has since built several school gardens in Baltimore and the surrounding areas, as well as farms for his own ventures and for others. Seth has developed proven novel technologies and methods to make farming and practical living more accessible while decreasing environmental impacts. His experience as a veteran has instilled a solid work ethic and discipline that has carried his ideas and skills around the country building high efficiency greenhouses for farms, universities and institutions like the National Arboretum, Univ. of DC, Great Kids Farm and many more community gardens and projects. Seth also years of experience building and remodeling houses, designing and constructing renewable energy systems and consulting on production and workforce logistics.

Matt Tennyson
Matt serves on the Board.

Deborah Fisher
Deborah serves as Board Member.
I am Deb Fisher from Julian Woods Community.  I’ve been living at JWC for 20 years now.  I grow flowers and plants which I sell at the State College Farmers Market and also for weddings.  My business, Deb’s Flower Farm, is perfectly suited for my love of nature and plants, and allows me to stay on the land I love almost every day.  We grow plenty of vegetables as well and have Free Range hens for a bountiful supply of eggs. Over the years we have hosted Fresh Air Kids and occasional interns interested in gardening. My two daughters, Amy and Katherine, grew up at JWC and are presently attending colleges elsewhere.  I am hoping to host more New Farmer Interns in the future to help with the gardens and greenhouses.

Paul LeVasseur
Paul serves as Board Member and Assistant Clerk.

Rae Basile
Rae serves as Board Member and Clerk

Jerome Liss
Board Member and Treasurer
Jerome resides at StellaLou Farm, one of School of Living’s land trusts.

Karen Stupski
Karen serves as Board Member and resides at Heathcote Community.

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School of Living Officers:

  • President: Will Pierson (interim)
  • Clerk:  Paul LeVasseur
  • Assistant Clerk:  Rae Basile
  • Treasurer:  Jerome Liss
  • Assistant Treasurers:  Ann Wilken and Herb Goldstein
  • Convener: Jerome Liss
  • Office Manager:  Hannah LeVasseur
  • Corresponding Secretary: Ruth Bennett
  • Advisory Board: June Yeatman and David Harper