These are our active School of Living Committees. If you would like to learn more about any of these groups or would like to contact one of the chairs or working members; please email: or use our contact form.

David Nuttall, Chair

Ahimsa Village Education
Bob Flatley and Kelle Kersten

Appropriate Technology and Permaculture
Michaelann Velicky, Chair

Community Growth Fund (CGF)
Tony Corazza, Chair

Brenda Carr, Chair

Farmland Access Project
Karen Stupski

Financial Planning 

Heathcote Education
Karen Stupski, Chair

Rita Jane Kiefert and Ann Wilken, Co-Chairs

Technical Assistance (Land Sub-committee)
Karen Stupski

Membership & Elections
David Nuttall, Chair

Mill Restoration
Karen Stupski, Chair

Bob Flatley, Chair

SoL Development
Karen Stupski, Chair


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