The Common Ground Visitor’s Policy: 10/08*

The Visitor Committee or Chairperson will be responsible to oversee the visitors to Common Ground within the following understandings.

Initial Visitor

We ask that a week’s notice be given before expecting to visit Common Ground.

1. The Visitor Committee or Chair will accept requests, will schedule visits, and welcome visitors on weekends for up to the three days of Friday through Sunday.

2. Only one visitor household at a time will be scheduled.

3. Please leave your pets at home. Seeing-eye dogs accepted.

4. Visitors may camp, use Common Ground guest quarters, if available, or stay with members with member’s permission.

5. We request that visitors take at least a two week reflection period after visiting Common Ground, following which they may request an Extended Visit.

Extended Visitor

1. Visitors staying one week or longer will be welcomed upon making arrangements with the Visitor Committee or Chair,
2. The Visitor Committee or Chair will review each request and have the discretion to decide whether to accept more than one extended visitor household at a time
3. Visitor’s planning to stay three (3) months or more become “Guests of Common Ground” by definition in the New Member Policy.


1. The fees for campers will be $5 per day and $30 per week. Campers are expected to have their own facilities; e.g. tent, van, recreational vehicle, trailer, etc.
2. Electric hookups that are used to heat will add $3 per day; otherwise, it will be $1 per day.
3. Rental for the guest quarters will be $15 per day (schoolhouse). Rates for visitor loft spaces to be set and reviewed by the membership according to market value; utilities additional. Pavilion= $30/day, with prearrangement.
Use of auto repair bay and tools, with permission,= $5/day.
4. For longer visits/ stays, an amount equal to half the monthly land rent and maintenance fee charged to C.G. members will be due each month from non-family Guests of Members and Guests of Common Ground, starting after 3 months at C.G. This amount is in addition to any other dwelling/ accommodation rents charged.
5. After a visit of three months at Common Ground the membership will review visitor status and determine whether to:
a. extend the visit
b. accept such guests as Provisional Members
c. to discontinue such guest’s residency

Should extenuating circumstances indicate special consideration on matters within this policy, special arrangements may be made with the approval of the membership in consultation with the sponsor.

*All persons residing at C.G. for three months or more shall read, review, and sign that they agree to live by the agreements and policies of Common Ground (Policy Notebook and Land Use Policy “Ecological Uses of the Land”).