Foundation for Intentional Community
Foundation for Intentional Community is an organization that provides a tremendous amount of information about community life.  They have a special compilation of published articles for purchase about Agreements, Conflicts, and Communication here.

 Community Tool Box
University of Kansas has developed a free Community Tool Box that digs deep into the work of community development. Here is their toolkit for conflict resolution

Laird Schaub
Laird Schaub has lived and worked in communities over 40 years and has studied, practiced, and taught skills of communication, facilitation, consensus, conflict resolution, and mediation. He continues to consult with communities and to write about his work. Laird Schaub’s blog is a treasure chest of information.

The Conflict Resolution Center of Baltimore County
The Conflict Resolution Center of Baltimore County is a non-profit service providing mediation services. 

Here is a link to Facilitation Notes created by Mel Leasure (deceased) founder of Common Ground Community in VA