“Geonomics or Georgism, named after Henry George (1839-1897), is a philosophy and economic ideology that holds that everyone owns what they create, but that everything found in nature, most importantly land, belongs equally to all of humanity. The Georgist philosophy is usually associated with the idea of a single tax on the value of land. Georgists argue that a tax on land value is efficient, fair and equitable, and will accrue more than sufficient revenue so that other taxes (which are less fair and efficient) can be reduced or eliminated.” – from Wikipedia

The Philosophy of Henry George A mini-course in nine parts presented by Mike Curtis. (This course is posted on the Ahimsa Village website.)

This course features a series of 9 lessons (in pdf format) that briefly present an overview of the philosophy of Henry George. Henry George was the world’s most famous economist. His book Progress and Poverty was only out sold by the Bible in the 19th century. His work was translated into almost every language in the world. John Dewey said the following about George, “Henry George is one of a small number of definitely original social philosophers that the world has produced,” and “It would require less than the fingers of the two hands to enumerate those who, from Plato down, rank with Henry George among the world’s social philosophers.” His ideas so radical, progressive, and true have been largely ignored by modern economists who see them as a threat to modern capitalism.

About Mike Curtis: former Director of the Henry George School of Social Science, NYC; Trustee and life long resident of the Arden Land Trust in Delaware, and a member of the School of Living (a Georgist inspired land trust organization).

Brief Biography of George

An introduction to Progress and Poverty

Lesson 1 & 2: Fundamental Economics
3: Population; The Law of Rent
Lesson 4: The Law of Interest and The Law of Wages
Lesson 5: The Effects of Material Progress upon the Distribution of Wealth
Lesson 6: Depressions – recessions; Proposed Remedies
Lesson 7: The Remedy; Its Justice
Lesson 8: The Application of the Remedy
Lesson 9: Effects of the Remedy


To learn more about Henry George visit the Henry George Institute and The Progress Report, also known as the Geonomy Society

Mike Curtis can be reached at mikecurtisarden@verizon.net