The land committee oversees the land trust part of the organization. They discuss the concept of community land trust with interested people that come to us from time to time. When a group wants to set up a community land trust, we offer technical assistance regarding legal issues related to the documents that are necessary to the establishment of those land trusts. If the group decides that they want of be part of the School of Living land trust we walk them though the documents we have developed to make their documents meet their specific needs. When funds are available we can make loans of up to $50,000 to the group for the acquisition of land if we feel the group is viable and in line with our principles. We walk them through the process of developing internal documents and the filing of deeds and leases with the local authorities. Once the group is set up we oversee the ecological use of the land, collect administrative and loan payments, and offer to help with conflict resolution issues. We encourage our groups to interact with each other for mutual support. We discuss policies that the Board of Directors may wish to adopt regarding the management of the community land trust.