The next webinar on SOL’s community land trust model will be October 17, 2016 at 7:30 pm on Zoom

This webinar provides an overview of SOL’s unique Community Land Trust (CLT) model. The purpose of the Community Land Trust is to provide secure access to land for current generations and protect the land for future generations, while representing the interests of the larger community. SOL’s CLT model integrates Georgist economic principles, intentional community, ecological stewardship and education.  This presentation will cover the history of the SOL CLT model, the Georgist principles behind collecting land rent, the nuts and bolts of SOL’s CLT model, why CLT may be the best land-holding option for intentional communities, and how the CLT model promotes sustainability and social justice.

We ask webinar participants for a heart donation to support our work. Click to make a heart donation and learn more about the webinar. 

To RSVP and get conference call information, please, email


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