About School of Living

We want to introduce the committed individuals who are School of Living today. We want to share our mission, evolving vision, and current strategies with you. We hope to deepen your understanding of School of Living by celebrating our history and sharing the work of our founding members. To learn more about School of Living:


Community Land Trust
The creation of land trusts and the nurturing of land trust communities are critical tools for School of Living in their mission toward ecological land use and social justice. To learn more about School of Living land trusts:


Educational Opportunities
School of Living has a committment to sharing the kind of knowledge that helps to build sustainable communities, social justice, and practical self reliance skills. Permaculture, Geonomics, Non-violent communication, and Consensus building techniques are just some of the topics that are being studied. To find out more about School of Living’s educational opportunities and committments:

School of Living: A non-profit educational network