Harvesting from Heathcote's hillside farm

Harvesting from Heathcote’s hillside farm

We had our quarterly School of Living (SoL) meeting at Heathcote Community in Maryland last weekend (October, 2014.) In some ways, SoL committee and board meetings are like those of any other organization. We take time to review project and action proposals for relevance and consequence. We reflect on our mission as an organization. We examine our resources for the time, energy, knowledge, and money that may be necessary to effectively take on projects. We make choices, delegate, challenge each other, encourage each other, and evaluate.

Dahlias from Deb's Flower Farm

Dahlias from Deb’s Flower Farm

My experience, however, is that SoL is quite unique. Sure, the organization does all that I described above…but I look around and the individuals around me are:

  • Spinning and knitting and
  • Building and
  • Harvesting and singing and cooking and
  • Listening and sharing and
  • Foraging and
  • Gathering flowers and giving gifts and
  • Envisioning and
  • Talking about bees and seeds and composting toilets and
  • Studying permaculture and law and economics and technology and
  • Farming and
  • Teaching and
  • dot, dot, dot.
Men cooking lunch

Men cooking lunch

It was evident that the individuals around me create (and attract and nurture) the very resources on which SoL depends. When I think of that, I get excited to be part of this organization and excited for my own potential to grow and learn. I am inspired to play a part.

One small part was to help with this new website. It will take a little time to develop fully, however, it already has some very useful features including a calendar, a classified section, the ability to process online memberships and donations, and a contact form,  We, also, will be gathering news and information from our members, friends, and communities that we can share on our blog. Subscribe to get the latest updates! I think it will be a great way for readers to get to know us better. If you have feedback to share or any problems with the site, please, use our contact page so that we can make the site better.  My hope is that readers will begin to recognize the creativity and commitment of the individuals and communities which are the life of School of Living. Enjoy!



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