Progress and Poverty

An inquiry into the cause of industrial depressions and of increase of want with increase of wealth… The Remedy

by Henry George
San Francisco, 1879

“To those who, seeing the vice and misery that spring from the unequal distribution of wealth and privilege, feel the possibility of a higher social state and would strive for its attainment.”


Progress and Poverty was written by Henry George. Ralph Borsodi was heavily influenced by  Henry George’s economic principles as he worked to develop the School of Living. Henry George might be called the spiritual godfather of the School of Living. The original version of Progress and Poverty is available at the website of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation.  A free pdf of that publication can be accessed using this link.  The book, among many others, is available for purchase in their online bookstore.

Bob Drake published a modernized version of Progress & Poverty in 2006. He has produced a recorded version of his publication as well. Here is a link to the free audio book of Progress and Poverty from the Henry George School of Chicago. The Henry George School accepts donations for their ongoing work.


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